Job Board

“Does ag really need another job board?”

^ That was the question I (...Travis, 👋🏼 …) was asked two week ago, not even five days after the launch of the Magnetic Job Board. 

Great question,” I thought, immediately doubting my intelligence about tossing a new ag-specific job portal onto the interweb.

I mean, yeah, I had considered the fact that the legacy ag career sites do a great job and probably have stellar employer relations. And I noted all my interactions had been with recruiting companies or just folks in my network. 

But here’s the deal… I didn’t make the decision.

The Magnetic readers did.

In May, we sent a survey to subscribers with a question asking: what is Magnetic missing?

And lo and behold, they said: showcase cool ag career opportunities.

Now, no one ever said our scrappy Magnetic team was PhD-in-crop-genetics-level smart, but we can take a hint.

And thus, a job board was born.

Now our team has also considered the question, “Do we even know what we’re doing?”

Not really. But we also didn’t know what we were doing when we launched this witty little ag newsletter eight months ago. 

But we figured we can figure it out. 

And anyway, isn’t it the goal of a good job board to bring forward good job candidates? Well, we’ve got 6K+ of those who are scanning our headlines each Tuesday and Friday.

So why wouldn’t you want to post a gig in front of folks who voluntarily get an ag newsletter? At best, you get a pool of smart, curious candidates who are in the know and see the future of the industry. At worst, you get a GIF-loving prospect who will probably drop a B+ joke in their “tell us a little about yourself” answer.

It’s a win - (kinda) win. 

So join us as we scale this puppy, and bring loads of new, interesting career opportunities to our community of ag professionals. 

They’re waiting for you.